Welcome to the IFN Community



This community was created to bring Infinite Flight News readers and editors together to share their passion for aviation and beyond.

Within this community, we have trust levels to sandbox new users and keep them from causing any harm, our trust system is as follows:

• TL1 (Basic User)
• TL2 (Member)
• TL3 (Regular)
• TL4 (Leader) - Manual Promotion

We do not disclose our trust level requirements, therefore please do not ask how far away from the next level you are.

Also, our moderators are specially chosen, so if you want moderator with just a PM, it won’t work.

Within this community, we do ask that you keep on-topic and related to IFN or aviation. Any off-topic posts should be posted in #lounge when you reach TL3 or higher.

Please ensure you read the guidelines and how to use the forum.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message an admin or moderator. They’ll be on hand to help!

Staff Team.